Transform your home

Whether you’re searching for a total makeover, or you simply wish to change one room in your house, this useful guide will offer you some pointers and inspiration to get you began.

Your Style

Selecting a style scheme is the first step to changing a space, as doing so will offer you with a base to use for motivation. Contemporary styles, such as the tidy, clutter-free minimalist look, are perfect to provide a more upgraded aim to your house, while more conventional cottage-style themes can offer it a cosy, homely feel. Cooking areas in particular are best re-designed with hanging out and captivating in mind, while children’s bedrooms take advantage of a vibrant, friendly tone– go for a non-specific style rather than one they may outgrow in a few years!

When you have actually chosen your theme you can then use this a guide when considering the locations below to achieve a modification without excessive work and expenditure.


Something as simple as changing the colour of a room can significantly impact the method it looks and feels. Little rooms can be opened out with brilliant colours and the use of whites and pale hues, particularly when integrated with simply a couple of bold colours to make furnishings stick out. Think about painting woodwork and/or door frames a various colour to the walls, to develop an immediate colour scheme that can be continued throughout using textiles and materials.

Altering Colours

A quick and easy method to give your room a make over is to change the small details, and the door handles can include a much-needed declaration piece to otherwise plain home furnishings. Ornate deals with not only look wonderful however offer a high-quality design aesthetic. Get an instant farmhouse kitchen look by changing the kitchen handles with a thumb latch such as the pewter Louis Fraser set from Ironmongery Direct.


Like colour, lighting can be used to control the method the space in the space is viewed. Vibrantly lit rooms can typically feel larger than they actually are, while dark spaces with pools of light offered by lampshades or wall up-lighting have a cosier sensation. Unless you want to undertake a huge project, it’s difficult to alter the amount of natural light in a room, so instead concentrate on how you can match and contribute to it using synthetic lighting. LED lights in kitchens and bathrooms are perfect for developing a bright working area, and are particularly on pattern.

Natural materials

The addition of natural materials can offer your house a more serene and organic appearance, whether you achieve it by using stone tiling or pale wood home furnishings. A popular addition in modern styles is to use home plants as the main source of colour in a room design, producing a sanctuary-like atmosphere that is ideal for a bedroom or office. Even little additions, such as wicker baskets or cork wall panels, can give your home a more appealing, earthy feel. Take a look here for some more motivation, for a house that’s intense, airy and environmentally friendly.

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