Mastering putting up shelves

As soon as you can set up a rack you’ll have mastered the basic DIY techniques needed for hanging everything from paintings and mirrors to wall cabinets. It’s easy when you understand how and follow two fundamental guidelines – ensuring the rack is definitely level, and using ideal wall fixings so that the brackets are protected.

Choose what vertical distance you desire between the shelves making sure they’re far sufficient apart for your requirements. The much heavier the load, the more supports you will need. Make sure brackets are a minimum of 400mm apart for bookshelves or when fitting glass shelves.

Inspect that the screws are the right size for the brackets and enough time to take the weight, and that the wall plugs and drill bit size are compatible. ‘Universal’ wall plugs cover a range of common screw sizes.

Mark a line along the wall where the shelf will be, using a spirit level to examine that it’s straight. Hold the brackets in place and mark the screw holes, prior to examining the horizontal with a level once again.

If you’re placing the racks on a solid wall you’ll require to use a masonry drill bit to make holes for the first bracket, about 40mm deep where significant. For breeze block or hollow plasterboard walls, use a regular drill bit the appropriate size for the repairing. When dealing with wood, use a bradawl to start the screw holes as that will stop the timber splitting.

As soon as the hole has actually been made, push in the wall plugs till they are flush with the surface, and loosely screw the bracket into place, keeping a check that it is vertical with a level.

Repeat with the outermost bracket and inspect both vertical and horizontal levels. Repeat until all the brackets remain in place, carefully checking the levels each time and changing as required.

Screw the brackets firmly into place on the wall and position the shelf on the bracket. Mark the position of the small maintaining screws that secure the shelf to the bracket. Get rid of the shelf and make small ‘pilot’ holes in it before changing the shelf on the brackets and screwing into location manually.

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